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Commercial Flooring
We offer a large selection of commercial flooring products in our showrooms where our expert staff can assist you with achieving your commercial flooring needs and goals, from product selection, color choices to methods of installation. Once a product has been selected, we will provide you with a cost estimate on material and labor, site evaluation and period of installation.

The flooring products you select, whether it is for home or business, and the installation method, can greatly impact the look of your commercial space.

Floor Covering Center offers a variety of commercial carpets from leading manufacturers. Carpet is an excellent acoustical and thermal solution. Now, you can select from our expanding environmentally friendly products.

Today, people spend a large percentage of their time indoors, so it is important to maintain the indoor air quality, especially for new construction and renovation. Carpet manufacturers have done many studies on their products for indoor air quality effects in schools, commercial and residential settings.

With a natural, warm, inviting look and easy to clean qualities, wood flooring is great for accents in lobbies, entry ways and executive offices. Floor Covering Center carries a variety of wood flooring types from top manufacturers. Our eco-friendly wood flooring products are also recommended for commercial use.

Resilient flooring is durable, comfortable and available in a variety of styles and types suitable for commercial use. The new designs and colors of these flooring products create aesthetically pleasing options. You can choose from variety of products such as vinyl, rubber, cork, linoleum and laminates for a comfortable and durable solution to your need.

Ceramic and Stone
Ceramic and stone floorings come in a variety of styles and types suitable for commercial use. They are one of the most durable and easy to maintain options available. Choose between the natural appearance of marbles and granites or the pristine, elegant appearance of porcelain.