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Pecan heartwood is reddish brown with dark brown stripes and sapwood is white or creamy white with pinkish tones. Hickory heartwood is tan or reddish and sapwood is white to cream, with fine brown lines. Pecan grain is open, occasionally wavy or irregular. Hickory grain is closed, with moderate definition, somewhat rough-textured. Pecan and Hickory have a hardness of 1820 in Janka Table, 41% harder than Northern red oak. Their durability is a combination of strength, hardness, toughness and stiffness not found in many other woods. They are difficult to season, prone to splitting. They are somewhat difficult to sand due to density, and sanding marks may show. There are no known problems with finishing. Although hickory hardwood floors are most often suited to a rustic or ranch-style home, they are not limited to that type of decorating or architecture styles. Different grades of hickory hardwood floors can be chosen to create an entirely different look depending on what you are trying to achieve.

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